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History : Igbe Orhe is an African traditional religion and it came originated from Kokori Ughelli  about 1820

According to the grandson of Okinedo the founder of Igbe Orhe Okinedo,  Okinedo’s wife was pregnant and was while pregnant and on a journey he, Okinedo, fell sick along the way and was taken to Kokori in Ughelli to meet a traditional healer of the Igbe African Traditional Relgion, at Kokori  called Ubiesha.

It was said that Ubiesha asked the Okinedo and family to wait at the entrance to his compound while a drink and kolanut in a white plate was presented to Ubeisha. Ubeisha then prayed for Okinedo using the native white chalk. After praying for Okinedo, Ubeisha asked him to enter the temple where they were people singing and dancing the Igbe African Traditional dance. Ubeisha then asked Okinedo to kneel and thereafter pronounced that any demon that was out to cause harm Okinedo should leave and the demons left Okinedo.

Okinedo was happy he was healed and asked Ubeisha if he could take the Native White Chalk (Orhe) back with him to Ozoro. But before Okinedo could take the the Orhe back with him, Ubeisha asked him to bring to him seven goats which must not be tied together by rope , some cowries ( which was the currency in those days) amongst other items. Okinedo brought the items to Ubeisha after which he was permitted to take the Orhe back to Ozoro. On getting to Ozoro with the Orhe, he dressed the temple as he had been told but that night when he went out to urinate he mysteriously disappeared. For several months he could not be found until after three months and seven days he was found at the bank of the Okinedo river which is at Udede in Ozoro dressed in white attire, a white hand fan (Edhudhu) and native white chalk, (Orhe) and powers from the water kingdom to heal all manner of sicknesses and diseases. He passed on the legacy of his healing to his children and grand children of which is great grand child, Isaac Okinedo is now in charge.

The fame of the Igbe Orhe spread far and wide and at a time an European called Mr. Lambert took the white chalk , Orhe to London, since then there has been many branches all over Nigeria. Places where you can find Igbe Orhe in Nigeria include Ijanikin in Lagos State, Itsekiri, Ijaw and Ilaje communities in the South of Nigeria, Benin City, Anambra State, Asaba Enugu, Owerri, Abia  Isoko and Kwale communities in Delta State, Nigeria

It is reported that just before the demise of Ubeisha ( the man who gave Okinedo the “Orhe”),  he had predicted that Okinedo would take over from him and he would have the power of  the water spirits. Ubeisha’s death was very mysterious as his body could not be found for seven days, the people of Kokori had to travel to Ozoro to meet with Okinedo to help them look for Ubeisha. On getting to Ubeisha’s compound at Kokori, it was reported that Okinedo placed his fore finger on the ground and predicted that a young boy would find the body. No sooner had he made this pronouncement when a young boy found the body of Ubeisha standing fully erect with arms outstretched in white garment and cap but dead.

Okinedo made his younger brother the King (Ovie) of Ozoro while he remained the spiritual head of the community.

If you are in need of any spiritual help like water spirits, Ogbanje, withcrafet, ritual cults, fighting in the dreams, mentally deranged people, or you are not satisfied with the progress of your life, all manner of diseases and illnesses, like Cancer, HIV, High blood pressure, diabetes, leprosy, etc